About WVIS

The Wenham Village Improvement Society is a long standing, philanthropic organization providing many services to the town and people of Wenham. WVIS is the proud owner of the historic Wenham Tea House, the Tea House Park and the Tea House Tennis Courts.

The Wenham Tea House is owned by the Wenham Village Improvement Society, a philanthropic organization.  All profits benefit the community, including scholarships, a playground, a summer camp program, and tennis courts.  

History of WVIS

In the year 1893 a small group of women met and formed the Wenham Village Improvement Society.  Its original objective was to beautify the Town of Wenham and make it a better place to live.  In 1913 the object was expanded to provide a suitable building and grounds for social meetings for the education, improvement and entertainment of the people of the town and vicinity.  Today the mission statement of the WVIS is "To serve the changing needs of the Wenham community, while honoring the history and traditions of the Wenham Village Improvement Society."  

Current and On Going Contributions to Wenham 

WVIS has provided and served lunch for the annual town meeting for almost 100 years. On an annual basis, since 1935, the WVIS Tea House summer program has 200 children attendees and employs fifty Wenham teenagers as counselors for the summer.  WVIS also regularly contributes to the Hamilton Wenham Holiday Assistance Fund, Gabe's Run, Concerts at Patton Park, sport booster clubs and various school projects and needs.

  • Since 1950, over $500,000 in scholarships awarded to Wenham students. 
  • 1999, $30,000 playground renovation.
  • 2008, donated two pear trees to flank the front doors of the renovated Town Hall. 
  •  2009, $5,000 was provided to the Historic Commission for the restoration of the Civil War Monument fence. 
  • 2010, $45,000 to rebuild the Tea House summer program building. 
  • 2010, Continuous support for the Wenham Museum, including a recent gift of $5,000 toward educational programs. 
  • 2011, $10,000 to resurface the three Monument St. Tennis Courts. 

Annual Meeting

The WVIS ANNUAL MEETING is scheduled for Wednesday, April 9th at the Tea House!   Not to be missed, as we welcome Spring!

Annual Membership Campaign

We are currently in the midst of our Annual Membership Campaign.  Don’t forget to send in your annual membership dues, so that you know what’s happening with WVIS!

Please download the WVIS Membership form and mail to:

Barbara Locke, President
PO Box 554
Wenham, MA 01984

Get Involved

We are always looking for ladies to help out on the WVIS Board of Directors or to get more involved in planning great events... please contact us if you would be interested in getting more involved at barbaralocke@comcast.net

Questions should be addressed to:  

Barbara Locke, President
PO Box 554
Wenham, MA 01984

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