Summer Program at the Tea House Park

WVIS is preparing for the 2017 Summer Program at the Tea House Park

WVIS Summer Program 2017 is coming together. As the year progresses we will update the status of the program here. The Summer Program will run from Monday June 26th through to August 18th.

Camper and counselor in training registration will be available April 1st. New counselor applications will be available on March 1st and will be due on April 1st. Returning counselors will be invited back in February and will need to commit to the program by March 1st.

Please note:  CIT and Counselor positions are for Wenham residents only. Those with previous CIT experience are given preference for Counselor positions.  

The children of the town have always been a top priority of the Society, our summer program dates as far back as 1905.  The Tea House Program, located on the WVIS playground behind the Wenham Tea House, was organized in 1935 and has been offered every summer since inception.  The WVIS underwrites a large percentage of the operating costs of the program through its fund raising efforts.  It also provides meaningful summer employment to our local teenagers, many of whom attended the program as a child.

2017 New Counselor Form is Now Available

The start date for the 2017 season is Monday June 26 and will conclude on August 18.   

Please note that the program has a limited number of spaces open for new counselors, and everyone may not be hired.

IMPORTANT: Counselors hired for this program must have been a CIT in the program, live in Wenham and commit to 4 full weeks of the program.  When completing the application, we ask that you give us a MINIMUM of 5 available weeks so we can schedule coverage appropriately.  Applications must be received by 11:59pm on March 31.   

 If you have any questions, please contact us at

  • 2017 New Counselor application is available here

Check back here later for updated 2017 forms



Counselor and CIT applications

The application deadline to be a Counselor was April 1.  We are currently reviewing all applicants and will be in contact with you at the email address provided by April 10th.  If you have any questions about this deadline, please contact us at

  • 2016 CIT application is available here 

There are a limited number of Counselor and CIT positions available. Please note that these positions are only available to WENHAM residents. Deadline 1 May 2016.  



Please note that acceptance of Hamilton residents is based on space available, as priority goes to Wenham residents.

  • Wenham Resident application for WVIS Summer Program Participants is available here
  • Hamilton resident application for WVIS Summer Program Participants is available here
  • Scholarship application for financial assistance for the 2016 WVIS Summer Program Participants is available here.  


All applications, forms and payments must be sent to WVIS, PO Box 554, Wenham, MA 01984.

To inquire about the program, please email WVISSUMMER@GMAIL.COM.


  • The Summer Experience will run from June 27 - August 19.
  • Each morning our program will begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 11:45 a.m.
  • Children should arrive with sunscreen and/or bug repellant applied.
  • Due to allergy considerations, food will not be allowed at our program.
  • You will be able to view or download our current program information sheet here on April 1st..

Please address any questions and/or comments to us at WVISSUMMER@GMAIL.COM.


"I think this was the best-run year at Tea House camp yet....  It has been so wonderful to have my boys be so excited about going to camp each day!   My oldest wants to come back next year, as he has seen his brothers having so so much fun.  Thank you for all you do to make this such a fantastic program." - Lauren



“Ian, Sarah and Moira- 

Thank you so much for an amazing summer!!!   The kids had a blast and I really felt that the program was well organized and ran really smoothly!      Thank you for your tireless efforts to make everyone happy and a positive experience for the children of Wenham!   Thank you.” - Amy



“Ian-  my kids JUMP into the car every morning ( with their baseball binders of course!) looking forward to getting to camp!!  I think the activities that have been provided this year for the kids have been great and spaced perfectly throughout the summer so that there is something special for them to look forward to almost every week.   They loved curious creatures yesterday and thought fire day was AWESOME!  We appreciate all that the camp staff does every day for our kids and look forward to another year at Teahouse next year!” -  Anon.



 "..... from a parent perspective, I have to tell you how terrific camp was for my girls again this year. Here’s what seems to totally work to make it so fun: small groups; enthusiastic counselors who are aware and attentive, but also laid back; field trips have been a huge hit with Caroline (aged 10); the ability for the kids to either participate in planned activities or just hang out casually with their friends; and the tennis instructors. Also, the counselors instill in my girls this desire to be a camp counselor someday. I love the modeling and mentoring that takes place.   And my girls went to the Patton Park camp for the first two weeks of the summer, which I thought they would love because of the pool and the longer day and because Caroline goes to Cutler, so she has more classmates there. Not so. Both girls prefer the tea house."  -  Lisa B.



My son Carter has really enjoyed the camp and LOVES his counselor Megan. All the counselors are great. Ellen



I just wanted to e-mail that we think the camp is fantastic!  Tyler has had such a blast EVERY day!  The CIT's, counselors, you,  Ian...  everyone involved has been soo great.  I actually went to the camp as a child! :)  Anyway, we think you are doing an excellent job and I am excited to have two of my guys in it next summer. Meghan

If your child has a great WVIS Summer experience they would like to share with WVIS, please email us at!