Summer Program at the Tea House Park


The children of the town have always been a top priority of the Society. Our summer program dates as far back as 1905.  The Tea House Program, located on the WVIS playground behind the Wenham Tea House, was organized in 1935 and has been offered every summer since its inception.  The WVIS underwrites a large percentage of the operating costs of the program through its fund raising efforts.  It can also provide meaningful summer employment to our local teenagers, all of whom attended the program as a child.

CIT and Counselor positions are for Wenham residents only. As most years we have more applications than positions available, those with previous CIT experience are given preference for Counselor positions. 

  • FYI - Due to the crazy winter we had, the Park will not open until Wednesday June 27th.

  • ***The Summer Experience 2018 will run from June 27 - August 17, with no program on July 4th.****

  • Children aged 4 and up are invited to attend this park program.
  • Each morning our program will begin at 9:00 a.m. and end at 11:45 a.m.
  • Children should arrive with sunscreen and/or bug repellant applied and a water bottle.
  • Due to allergy considerations, food is not be allowed at our program.

To inquire about the program, please email WVISSUMMER@GMAIL.COM.


The program fee for a Wenham child is $275 with the stipulation that the $50 WVIS membership dues are current.

The program fee for a Hamilton child is $ 325

The CIT registration is only open to Wenham residents and that fee is $ 125

Registrations will be open the first Monday in April through the second Monday in June.

For 2018, those dates are April 2- June 11th.

Registrations received after June 11th will only be admitted if room allows and the child will not be allowed to attend until the second week of the program. This is for planning and safety for all concerned. Thank you for your understanding.

Please note that acceptance of Hamilton residents is based on space available, as priority goes to Wenham residents.

  • The camper registration is closed. If you wish to register late, please contact us at 
  • The CIT registration form is closed. If you wish to register late, please contact us at 
  • The Scholarship Application for financial assistance is no longer open.

All applications, registrations and payments must be sent to WVIS, PO Box 554, Wenham, MA 01984.


2018 Counselor Form

Returning counselors will be able to apply for this summer as of February 1st through February 15th.

The application will be opened up for anyone interested in applying for a position on February  16 through March 16th.

The application for 2018 is now closed. No late applications will be accepted.

Status of positions will be emailed out the second week in April.

Please note that the program has a limited number of spaces open for counselors and everyone may not be hired.

IMPORTANT: Counselors hired for this program must have been a CIT in the program, live in Wenham and commit to 4 full weeks of the program.  When completing the application, we ask that you give us a MINIMUM of 5 available weeks so we can schedule coverage appropriately.  

 If you have any questions, please contact us at 

If your child has a great WVIS Summer experience they would like to share with WVIS, please email us at!